Friday, August 29, 2008

Politics and glory

Last night was the first time i felt like i was on a film set. The thick night air, the high school (american) football, the noise of frogs and crickets in the background. It was pretty cool. And i enjoyed my introduction to high school football watching Washington High School Pam Pack under 16 team...evevn if we did lose 50-0. Yeh, 50-0! We were playing a team from Tarboro...i don't know what their snazzy name was...the Tarboro Total Terror Squad would have suited. Someone joked that the Pam Pack wouldn't have been more scared if a black bear had come out of the woods. I hope it was a joke anyway. If there are black bears in North Carolina i'm leaving!

Still despite that slightly shaky start, we're 1-1 on the weekend sports scene after Rebekah's volley ball team won 25-13 25-8 at volleyball tonight. Now it's just Virginia Tech @ ECU and Chesterfield vs Wycombe Wanderers to come in...

Interesting scenes from in American politics today. After Obama's fairly well recieved speech last night has been blown off the front pages by McCain's choice of Sarah Palin to run as his VP. I think it's tremendous that come January 21st next year America will either have a black president (which i'm coming to understand is a much bigger deal than i thought) or a women VP. I think Palin's a good choice, in that she takes away from a lot of Obama's 'youth and change ticket', and it's going to be increasingly hard for him to rail against 'old washington' when he's got an old washington man on his ticket. It's going to be an interesting few months.

I also really enjoyed these two quotes from Challies on and from Edwards:

Forgiveness of sins is an incredible gift; sanctification is something for which we give thanks to God; a better understanding of the world is a great benefit; but the best thing Christians receive is Christ. Edwards makes this point time and time again through the section—he will not let the reader escape without understanding this one thing. “The first foundation of a true love to God is that whereby He is in Himself lovely, or worthy to be loved, or the supreme loveliness of His nature.”

“A true saint, when in the enjoyment of true discoveries of the sweet glory of God and Christ, has his mind too much captivated and engaged by what he views without himself, to stand at that time to view himself, and his own attainments. It would be a diversion and loss which he could not bear, to take his eye off from the ravishing object of his contemplation, to survey his own experience, and to spend time in thinking with himself. What a high attainment this is, and what a good story I now have to tell others!”


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