Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Joker Joshua Jesus

I'm so glad there's a thing called Truth. I'm even more glad that the thing called Truth is real, and true. I've been thinking about this a lot recently, with regard to the Joker in The Dark Knight. Then today, for reasons that still sort of escape me, Paris Hilton became a semi important figure in the election of the Leader of the Free World. News channels seem to be guilty of this too. Turn on Fox News, and there's McCain, loved by Texas, turned on MSNBC, and there's Obama, folks in Europe like him. Neither station has much time for the other man. There is precious little objectivity. On Law and Order last night a baby was described as 'the produce of conception'.

But the thing is, unless there's truth, unless something exists that is true, there's nothing wrong with any of this. Or nothing surprising at least. Why shouldn't a crazed criminal blow up a hospital;, why shouldn't civilians kill hundreds of prisoners, or indeed vice versa, why shouldn't a society heiress be an important figure in the election campaign. If there's no truth, new channels are free to show what they want about who they want. And does it really matter if micro truth is lost if there's no macros truth? Why should anyone prefer the scratching of their finger to the destruction of the universe?

Of course, the common good. So what when your common good is someone's common evil? Democracy? Then why are jails overcrowded?

No, there has to be truth. When Moses died truth continued. Yaweh held back the Jordan for Joshua as He had held back the Nile for Moses. They had the Book. The Commander of the Lord's Army demanded the same respect as the burning bush. There was continuity. Ai routes Israel for the sin of Achan...there is still truth. This wonderful Truth from above.

Jesus said, i am the truth. The truth is not a collective, or an ideology, or a system. The truth us a person. The truth is what He teaches, the truth is what He's done for His Father and for His people. I'm so pleased about that.

We should preach the Gospel so that people want it to be true even if they don't believe it. We should preach the Gospel by placing before people Jesus, the Truth. Jesus who is the answer, both to the needs we feel, and the often more important ones we don't. Jesus, who's very life as the Truth gives human life it's worth, places a responsibility on those who report news not to make it and demonstrate the evil of murder.

Thats Truth, and i'm glad it's so.

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