Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seven Firsts

1) First time i've seen how important and full of grace the book of Joshua is, thanks to Francis Shaeffer. I love the way he writes, so full of life and...well grace!

2) First time i've been properly sick for a while. Missing half a day of work was rubbish, but here's the thing: the world spins without me, the Gospel didn't fall in North Carolina because i needed a few extra hours in bed, and Christ is still on His throne. And hey, even Edwards was sick once!

3) First day of the football season back home. As it ever was as far as we're concerned. 'looks like you've picked a good season to miss son'

4) First opportunity to have a chuckle at Oxford United. Imagine being told you start your season away to Barrow...on a friday night...and then get turned over 3-0. Lovely.

5) First time i've been exposed to American Olympic coverage. We move from American gymnasts to American volleyball types to American rowers. Other teams are just a rumour it seems. (to be fair NBC are showing a lot of non Americans rowing right now, but one channel sells itself on just showing Americans who are likely to win)

6) First 'working' funeral. What hope is there for people outside Christ? Heartbreaking.

7) (thankfully not the) First time we've sung Christ exalting, Gospel centered songs in church this morning. I loved it!

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