Monday, February 26, 2007

Things i learnt

Mission week was a while ago now, but here are some things i learnt during the week.

  • I am very thankful for Red Bull, creme eggs and bananas, which to a varying degree kept me going through the week.
  • People are willing to talk about things if you give them a chance. God has written eternity on our hearts, and yet most of the time we waste talking about daytime tv and other things we do to out off boredom...thus trapping us in a circle. It's no wonder people are bored. So when we ask people to talk about things of eternity, they are normally ready to talk. Not that we need to chase after them, but they were created for relationship with God, so it's not all that surprising they are ready to talk about it.
  • It's ok to be ill. Dave, who does Relay in Cardiff spent a large part of the week asleep in my room. And if that had been me i would have been tearing my hair out and trying to come back onto campus long before i was ready. But it's far better to wait until you get better, because you'll be more effective in the end that way.
  • It's ok to rest. A good thing about Dave being ill was that i could come home every afternoon. I didn't have to be treading campus every hour of every day to be using my time well, and that was a cool thing to realise. On friday morning i hid in the Chaplaincy with Mark Driscoll, and that was cool too. And pretty much neccesary.
  • Mission weeks can be great catalysts, and that's kind of their point i guess. Just because the whole of campus didn't get saved doesn't mean that there was no poin in doing it. The fact that Arran got saved meant that there was every point in doing it. But it's helped us to see how important evangelism is, how it's not that actually scary, and how the Gospel really really is good news, and sharing it with people really really does work. So CU mission weeks don't minimise mission for the rest of the year, they spark it.
  • I am greatful for the example of other Godly men in my life. When i was at RUCU i was always jealous of the AMs who came to help us out because they could do it full time and not worry about work. Not that i ever worried about work that much anyway but anyway. Spending time with AMs during those weeks was a really valuable time. Some of them convinced me to do Relay, some of them showed me how to do good conversational evangelism. All of them impacted me in a good way.
  • If you put on good lunchtime events people will come.We had on average about 80 people at each lunchtime. They didn't all come for the food! People want to know why we go on about Jesus so lets tell them!

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