Thursday, February 08, 2007

just a little longer

Just back from some lovely Team Days in Hove, which is bigger than i imagined it. Me and Olly both thought that 'hove was just a bit tacked on the side of Brighton' but its actually a real place...anyway.

We spent a lot of time over the last couple of days just sitting and being with God, just enjoying Him and talking to Him and listening to Him and spending some time in, in my case, Psalm 145. I guess it was kind of a retreat from the manic busyness of the next couple of weeks, which was lovely. It really made me think about how little time i actually spend doing that. Even in my quiet times mostly when i'm praying i'm moving through a mental list of things and people that i want to bring before the Father rather than just sitting and looking and being. And i take time to thoughtfully and prayerfully read the Bible, but i'm always looking to the end of the passage, to the next portion, to what i'm doing next. Even when i'm sitting and just reading i'm trying to get some pages behind me, trying to soak up as much as i can...even when i'm resting i'm still thinking of the next thing, the next page. I'd love to think that this is some super spiritual thing. And in some ways maybe it is...that nothing will give us peace except Jesus, nowhere will be restful except Him...that we'll never feel completly at home until we are really Home. Maybe thats it, but maybe i'm just very impatient!

Which is why these days were so good. Having thirty minutes to just be with God, climb up into His arms and just be. It's a fairly major charecter flaw of mine that i really struggle to just settle and be. Even when i'm holiday the question on my lips is almost always, 'whats happening next?'...which isn't so great. It's also why i only feel now like i'm really settling into Guildford, really enjoying being here and loving church. And i'm very greatful for that! We also watched Little Miss Sunshine, which i'll think about later...

(it seems that the infallible Dan Hames has climbed inside my head and written a

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