Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Surrey Mission day 2

Please pray for:

The Muslims who keep coming to our events, this is so exciting and very encouraging to see what God's doing in their lives. Most of thier questions/objections come down to either a rejection of incarnation or a misunderstanding of the Trinity, so please pray that God would open their eyes.

A bigger venue for our lunchbars
For Ben who is doing six of the last 7 talks, for strength and wisdom
For students and AMs that we would rest enough and spend time with God and never tire of telling the truth.
That tudents would invite their friends

Praise God for:
moving us to a bigger venue for todays lunchbar
so many people are coming, there were 80 at the lunchbar, almost unheard of here
The Gospel and it's power
the freedom we've had in campus to flyer and serve teas and coffees.

thank you!


notsobigtum said...


When those Muslims, (God love them) tell you that the Trinity is some naughty New Testament invention, show them their error in love and take them to Isaiah 48:16 and show them the two persons: the Lord GOD (sending) and the Spirit (accompanying), then show them that the person talking here is the Lord (45:14) so that in summary we see three persons, the Lord GOD, the LORD and the Spirit. The Lord GOD sends the LORD and the Spirit into the world to accomplish his purpose, (46:8-10)

Daniel said...

Also, mention that the Islamic doctrine of Tawhid (one God, one person) is inconsistent.

If Allah is eternal and unchanging, how can he be alone in eternity past and yet become relational by the creation of humans? To relate to humans, he must have become relational- an aspect of his character that did not exist. Therefore, has he changed?

Also, can an unrelational God create relational people?