Monday, February 12, 2007

Surrey Mission day 1

Prayer and Praise


For the large numbers at this afternoons lunch bar
for Ben's talk which was clear and thought provoking
For the guys we spoke to when serving teas and coffees
For the turnout for flyering among the CU itself


For the Muslim Society committee who came to the first talk and spent ages chatting afterwards, that they've have open hearts and come again
For Peline, a muslim girl who i spoke to for about 10 minutes after the talk and promised to come to every event this week
For Aaron, who, in his own words 'want to pay for my own sin and isn't bothered abut enjoying God forever'
For Ben as he prepares for tonights talk
For me and the rest of the AMs, that they would get enough rest and time with God this week

and to that end, off i go...

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