Sunday, February 18, 2007

a---b life

I notice my motivation for evangelism changing over time. At first i just didn't do it, then i did it because otherwise i'd feel guilty, the i did it because of a hunger for the glory of God. This week i did out od desperation for people not to go to hell. I even chased one girl with a flyer. She didn't show up. I think both the last two are worthy in their own, not dissimialar way. I hope the rest of my time in Guildford is spent making sure as few UniS students as possible are trusting in themselves on judgement day.

It's good to rest. I wish i'd remembered that before friday morning when i retired to hang out with Moses, Soloman and Mark Driscoll. Now thats a party eh? I love doing mission weeks, but its so easy to be distracted from the Lord by serving the Lord. And He doesn't want or need our service per se, He wants us. And He owns the universe, so we should give Him what He wants. And you know what? Thats the best thing for us as well. How wonderful it is that there is no contradiction between my all consmuing desire for satisfaction and God's all consuming desire for His own glory. This is a good thing! I'm pleased that He's made things so that every thing else leaves us feeling dissatisfied. Let's join in with Christ's eternal plan to make the Father famous everywhere. Thats the best thing we can do.

Which is not to say that enjoying other things is bad. I like steak, i like good company, i like football, i like good things that make me feel good. But only because they all point to the ultimate good...Jesus Christ, who points you nowhere but further into Himself. Christianity is the ultimate form of hedonism. And worship of the universe's greatest Hedonist.

On that note give this an hour of your time. It might release you from the soul destroying tedium of settling for second best.

I also like loud music. mewithyou are probably the most majestic band around at the moment. And none of you have ever heard of them. They play in pubs in Kings Cross during mission week. I am also currently enjoying Brand New and Biffy Clyro.

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