Saturday, February 03, 2007

saturday superhouse

[I just moved to blogger Beta, although, i mostly didn't have a choice, hooray for Google! I made a right hash of it though by accidentally entering an email address that doesn't actually we'll see what happens.] what happened was i have to remember what my accidently wrong email address is, and then i can sign in. *sigh* So anyway, today, as i've already mentioned i'm going to Above Bar Church in Southampton to do a seminar for Reading Cell Leaders. My own cell leaders weekend away was three years ago this weekend, which makes me feel very old. But here's the thing, it was one of the least good weekends i've ever had. Now thats nothing to to with the weekend itself, that was good. Its always good to hang our with Christians and get the Word open, though i probably think that much more now than i did then, i was just sad about a girl. But that was enough. Anyway, i loved leading cell, and now going back to help out train the next generation, who i guess are my great-grandchildren in leading cells is an amazing priviledge. I love looking back and seeing what God has done in the last three years. And now i've gone from the dude who barely said a word all weekend, to a dude who wants to get up and yell about Christ being Lord at Reading Uni. It's a funny, wonderful thing grace. And i like it!

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Nu said...

hurray! what a journey, eh! Who knows where we'll be in another 3 years?! o grace, grace, grace... :)