Wednesday, February 14, 2007


we had a packed lunchbar on the topic of 'is Christianity western' this afternoon. we've been moved to a bigger room on for the rest of the week. this morning we were out flyering and doing questionnaires to let people know whats going on on campus this week give them the chance to consider Jesus for themselves.

please pray for:
the general health of the AMs, especially dave
for CU students who haven't yet got involved to bring their friends to events
for the guys who have come to every event to keep coming and have open hearts
for Aaron who is very close to making a commitment
that we wouldn't tire of telling the truth.

praise God for:
His strength when we are weak and tired
the extra help we're getting tomorrow
Ben Carswell, our main speaker
the people that keep coming to the events
the enthusiasm of those who are involved

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