Thursday, June 01, 2006

Whats that coming over the hill?

Hooray for new Christian bloggers (as in new Christians who are bloggers)


Both really cool, both at my church, both saved on CEx...woo!

***edit: and Issy***


Becki said...

'Over the hill'?! I resent that!

Just kidding, thanks for the mention. If people are reading my blog I may actually have to start writing stuff... d'oh!

FloydTheBarber said...

Yeh, blogs are spooky like that!

Issy said...

How about me :(

Anna said...

is this working? LOL Cheers for the name check dude

Gemz said...

Rah, we thought we'd leave a message! p.s. check ur e-mail!! This is Gemma and Naomi! Haha!