Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer song

So, we finally lost the internet at home, some weeks after cancelling the BT line, so i'm stuck in the library, which is not that bad i guess.

Reading Family Church Students Day.

Man, this was so good. First of all Scott spoke about Finances, which is obviously going to be useful for doing Relay next year...that was really cool. Then Bish on grace from Romans 9, and loving the church from Ephesians 4. It was so good. Gospel parternership is so cool, and so important. It was great to see people from NewFrontiers and UCCF get together for the good of the Gospel. Especially for me, as someone who loves both of those venarable institutions. It was also really good to hang out with the guy's who'll still be around next year, to see their passion for God's glory, their heart for the lost and their ideas for evangelism. It was great to see, and challenging, and encouraging.


So, when Craig, one of the Elders at my church asked if i could head up a team of people to unload 2000 flyers in the next ten days, i definatly should have said no. Me and my happy gang of 'volunteers' have probably done about half of them, but i really don't know when i'm going to have the time to do the rest... The thing is, i love flyering. I love going to places, especially places in Whitley where i'd never have gone before, being vulnrable and overcoming my fear every time i walk up a drive. There are so many places in Reading that almost seem hidden. Places where no one ever really goes, certainly places which probably don't have a very high number of people who go to church. So it was great to be there today...even if Andy did nearly get his fingers bitten off by a dog!

The Gospel.

I love the Gospel. I love its power, its simplicity, the fact that the wisdom of God totally shames the wisdom of man. Its great. It was cool to be walking around Reading today, flyers in hand, knowing that however far away from God some people seemed thet Gospel was powerful enough to bridge the gap. And that we are justified by faith alone! How good is that? Faith in Christ alone gives us peace with God...this is brilliant news... and i love it!

Christianity Explored away day.

Tomorrow in leafy Lacey Green. Please pray for me, Hoops, Anna, Becki, Mandy and Nicola as we look together at Christian life, especially the church, the Bible, the Holy Spirit and prayer. It's going to be cool.


I went ot see a house in Guildford yesterday. It was a nice house, good location and parking with decent rent and 2 mb internet, but also i'm not sure i want to live with non Chrisitian students as it means i pretty much never get any time off! I'm going to be emailing churches in the next couple of days, so please pray for me. I really really like the way that driving round Guildford (mostly lost) felt like coming home though...praise the Lord!

Oh the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable are His judgements and how inscrutable His ways.
Romans 11:33


-bb- said...

It's such a comfort to know that even the so called wisdom, knowledge and philosophies of this world are foolishness. and that the thing that seems the most foolish of all-the cross-is actually the greatest thing of all. Hoozaaaa!

Cat said...

I think you may be suprised about how much time you spend with Christians when you are doing relay. Living with non Christians would be a fantastic evang oppertunity - it might be tough and will certainly challenge you, but pray God will give you the strength and faith to live as a disciple of Christ.