Friday, June 23, 2006

Running from the rain.

Just read Challies' check it out.
I can't wait until i know and believe fully. It really struck me today how amazing it is that one day we really really will see Jesus face to face. In some ways that is a terrifying thought. Here is someone who knows me inside out, better than i know myself. Now, that would be bad enough if it was another broken sinner like me, but its not, its Jesus, the perfect, sinless God. Thank God for the completed work of the Cross, that by faith alone i am forgiven and counted righteous. Wash me savior or i die. Yes indeed.
But its cool. One day we will see Him face to face. Those piercing eyes, that double edged sword of a tongue, the light...oh the light that the Lord must dwell in. But what a day. No more striving, no more worry, NO MORE SIN! What a day. Can we find anything else in life that is so simultaneously joy inspiring and terrifying? But Heaven will be awesome, and makes the suffering and the pain all so much more worth it. I think thats a shuddering understatement!

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Cat said...

Thanks for this post! Its so true! How much I long for the day to see Jesus and be in His presence... where there is no more sin! Praise God for this day!