Friday, June 30, 2006

Original pirate material

Ah man, on four hours sleep i really really can't sort out three years of grace and growing, most of what i want to say is already written in my head, but thats not *quite* the same as it being written here i guess. But here are some things i learnt about Jesus today which made me happy.

My mum had just arrived to help me finish packing my stuff, which meant everything suddenly started to go a lot quicker, and i got really sad, and bummed, as three years of life dissapeared into boxes and bags. But, first; my life doesn't actually consist of my possesions, and secondly, look at how great Jesus is:
He is my strength
my shield
my portion
my delieverer
my refuge
my tower
my present help in times of trouble
He is holy
and sinless
and righteous
and just fact, He Himself defines those last four things
His steadfast love is better than life
He has redeemed me absolutely
He is stronger than the enemy
by the Holy Spirit He lives in me
He has conquered death
He rules for eternity,
this King of mine.

I think one of the most noticable things thats changed about me in Reading is this. I used to think Kurt Cobain spoke for me and to me, and understood me. When he ragefully sneers 'my favourite inside source' on 'Frances Farmer' he knows what its like when my friends let me down. This guy gets me.
Not any more.
Now i want to seek out and be improved by people like Paul, or Jonathan Edwards, or Sam Storms or John Piper, or any other number of authors who have replaced recording artists in my wallets affections. And thats cool. Reading is excellent. And so is Reading come to that!

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