Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hold your breath

Pictures from the CEx day away (featuring Nicola's inferior Corsa) and Cell Bar-b-q are here...

Also, you can now comment without having a blog yourself, but if you do A)keep within the bounds of Christian civility eh? These are Eds fallible thoughts afterall B) let me know who you are. My narcisism is out of control. More exciting changes to follow. Maybe.

So will i shortly be blogging about me three years at Reading? Probably.
Will this be a theme post based around 1920s Leninist propaganda cartoons and my own obscure affection for the modern art of Sandra Blows? No.

1 comment:

-bb- said...

ooo...but a post about your fascination with sandra blows would be fascinating too...well, to me anyway, even if noone else is interested...!