Sunday, June 25, 2006

All sparks


Me and Anna have coined the phrase 'shutdown moments' where we try and comprehend the goodness of the Gospel or something like that, and our minds can't cope, and they say, in effect 'i can't cope, i'm off, so see you later body'. And that kind of happened tonight at the church prayer meeting. Except this was a bit different. Normally my own mind kind of instigates it by thinking about the Gospel, but tonight, oh man, by the grace of God, tonight it was different. We were praying and worshipping as normal, focussing on witnessing to people we know and then boom! I was on my knees. Now normally in these situations i can't talk, but this time, it was all i could do to breathe, let alone talk. Anna blogged about the interceeding work of the Holy Spirit recently, and i really experienced that tonight.

I can't really explain it. I knew i was praying and in some ways i knew what i was praying. But i sure wasn't speaking. Praise the Lord for a Gospel which silences our minds as well as our voices. Praise Jesus was His work on the cross which means we can pray, and know that He will work for His glory! Praise God for leaving the Holy Spirit, the Helper, the Counciller, who will pray for us and with us when we are simply overwhelmed.

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