Saturday, January 07, 2006

Robs Miscellanies

Rob blogs about Galatians two, and how important focussing on the gospel alone really is.
This makes me feel two almost polarised emotions...It was deeply refreshing to read Rob's words on how sufficient the gospel is, it really made my heart leap, and man, how much should we thank God that this is the case. That the gospel is sufficient, that nothing else is needed for our salvation. Dwelling on that makes me feel like i've been drinking a cool, clear glass of water on a hot day.
But it also makes my heart ache. It makes me sad for the people i know, for the people in general who attend churches where some sort of gospel plus nonsense is propagated. It makes me sad that these churches exist in the first place, that what presumably started off as gospel centred churches has drifted away from those strong begginings, and are now implicitly denying the gosple with their laws. It makes me sad that people attend these churches. If this is where you are bought up, if this is all the teaching you know, what chance have you got? If something appeals to someones fallen sense of pride in self justification against the pride robbing, humbling truth about the cross people are always going to go for it. I know i would, but for the grace of God.
This brings me to three conclusion.
1) To endevour to keep the gospel alone central in everything i do and say. To keep my conversations with non believers clear and seasoned with salt.
2) To always seek out a church where i will be confronted and challenged by the truth rather than comforted by wearing the right clothes or praying in the correct manner.
3) To challenge the people i know who attend churches with dress codes. To pray for them more consciously.
On the first evening of Word Alive last easter, Graham Daniels told us that if we haven't been accused of lawlessness then we haven't preached the gospel properly. Lets pray that truth would grab hold of some of these churches.


Jonny:) said...

Isn'tthe book of Galaions sooooo good, i love Ch 3 myself.

Rob Wilkerson said...

Amen bro! Thanks for your sensitive heart to those who are in slave to faith plus works, instead of just faith plus praise!