Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More on grace

Grace is amazing! God's reighteousness given to us, us forgiven in His court? Amazing, so so important. Grace is joy. Grace is knowing that we'll never be good enough, and submitting totally to the will of the Holy Spirit and losing all our hopeless religion because of that. All this by faith alone.
Grace is why i want to be a Relay worker. I've seen too many people come to uni and fall away from Christ for whatever reason. Normally i guess either because they were labouring under some sort of pseudo-Christianity at home, and had no joy there, or because they think Christianity is all about outward appearance and they can't be bothered any more (i guess those two reasons are kind of the same), or because, heart-breakingly, they've given Jesus a go for 18 years, and now they want to see what else is out there. This horrible, horrible distortion and misunderstanding of grace and of God himself upsets me a lot. It makes me feel sad deep within my being. Its such a waste. Its such a shame. People i know who come from good Christian families living empty pointless, non God glorifying lives at uni, because they think that the world is better than Jesus.
This has to stop. People who come to uni with an understanding of Christianity as some sort of performance must be put right, for God's sake, and their own. People who come to uni to try and live 'life' away from Christ must be told of the power and importance the cross, of the joy and real, true life than knowing Him is. To want anything else from life apart from what Christ has for you is not to want life itself. I know i might be one voice against an overwhelming roar of dissenters, but more than anything else, i want to be that voice.
Grace is all that has gotten me through the last fourish years. Grace is all that will get me through the next 60 odd (if i live that long). It's all about grace. And grace is all about the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for us, even though we were totally undeserving. The cross robs us of all our pride and self righteouness. Lets thank and worship and dance to Him because of that. What a wonderful plan, what a wonderful God.

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