Monday, January 30, 2006

CEx...Part Two

So i love the gospel...i just love it! It's great. I also love evangelism. All the awkward silences are worth is when you tell someone that Jesus is the only way to God. I love being with non-Christians, looking at the Bible together. I love being able to tell people that if they believe in Jesus they'll be ok with God on judgement day. Hey, this gospel is GOOD NEWS! CEx is going quality scenes. There were fewer people there today than last week and a couple of new ones. But thats ok. It's not about, this guys are so up for finding out about Jesus, for looking at His claims. Its an honour to be doing this with them. Please keep praying for them. It's no surprise to me at all that people involved in CEx are ill, and that some of the guests have had difficult weeks...but please keep praying.
And its been great for me doing it as well. Reawakening my passion for the gospel, for people's salvation. Thinking again about justification by faith, about what that means. Its amazing and exciting, and makes me feel warm inside. It reminds me what Paul means when he says that death is gain.
God is doing big things at Reading. Praise you Jesus!!

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Welshie said...

It rocked didn't it. God rocks. 'Nuff said really! :)