Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I loved the way she said 'LA'

This will probably turn into a bit of a ramble, and for that, i make a little apology. How great is our God? I mean, really? How infinite, how holy, how unimaginably in control of the minutiae of our lives? What a great thing the cross has done for us, that we can have acess through faith (through faith! just by believing) to God our father. It's just top.
Just had a chat with my dissertation supervisor, and we've found an exciting compromise in the theology essay Vs history essay debate. I'll now be looking at sources of authority in the reformation. So i should, nay, must look at people like Luther and Calvin, as well as The Bible for my dissertation. How exciting is that! What a privaledge that is. I'm really excited as i sit here working on it now to think of the things i will read, the way they will refresh my soul and excite me again about the the truth of what Jesus won for us.
Church was great on sunday. I was prayed for at the end to try and embrace the grace that i have been freely given...for that grace to truly change me. And guess what? Since that happened, almost to the day, the enemy has stepped up the temptation/attack on me. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord that His grace is enabling me to change, that my changing is upsetting the enemy, that things are happening, that the Lord is making me stronger...*awesome God*.
The new Christianity Explored course is starting on monday. I met up last night with the other guys 'running' the course, and that was so exciting. Some of the things that i was reminded about evangelism really spoke to me, but especially the simplicty of having to answer the question you were asked. Sure, you may want to talk about propitiation, or the power of the Holy Spirit, but if you're asked a question about the salvation of amazon indians...ANSWER THAT QUESTION...and preach the gosple always. It also struck me that often the world's perception of Christians is that they're missing out on life, that they're wasting their time in delusion (Ned Flanders anyone?) but man, could that be further from the truth? Life to the full is what we're promised in John 10:10, not life minus the good bits. Psalm 16 talks about eternal pleasures, not eternal self denial. No sort of god is glorified like that. So is that our fault for keeping ourselves in bondage, or not showing what our faith really is, or just the misunderstanding of the world...there's a challenge!
I think Mark's death has upset me more than i really thought it would. Until today i was really unable to set my mind to anything...it kept drifting back to him. I went to the football ground yesterday to put down some flowers...it was incredible. But God is good. God is our sustainer, and there it is.
So exciting, if sad, times at the moment. I even loved my history lecture this morning, half an hour of which was on the dialectics of social political history. I love that stuff...why can't it all by that good!

Anyway...back to Calvin and Luther...woo!


Jonny:) said...

"For if only for tis life we have hope in Christ then we are to pitied more than all men"
1 cor 15 vs 19

If this is all there is then we're suckers but coz there more it is soo awsume.

Also whats your dissertation dude??? It sounds like its crossing into my history specialtiy- the reformation
If so try also Zwingli if you can get any of his writtings as he was a major reformer as well.

FloydTheBarber said...

I'm looking at the question of authority in the reformation, specifically with reference to Luther and Calvin. The gist of it being whether they stuck to the Bible as they claimed, or where influenced by human history and tradition. So sort of how 'sola' was 'scriptura'. Also a little bit on what constituted 'scriptura'. Its going to be good.