Friday, September 30, 2005

Standing On The Edge Of Summer

Well. Freshers week. Well. I have been touched, humbled, excited, blown away, bought nearly to tears, worn out and generally inspired by Freshers Week this year.
The fun begins last tuesday when we find out that we are in fact going to be at freshers faure for all three days, instead of just stuck in a tent on friday. To say i was excited would be an understatment, to say i was jumpoing around my room would not be. A slow start at St Georges on sunday was followed by an explosion of interest on wednesday and thursday. Its really not about people putting their name on a sheet of paper but to have 150 people do just that in 2 days is incredible. Thank you Jesus!
We had our first meeting of term lat night. Not only was the theatre packed, Marcus Honeysett preached the word of God powerfully and sincerly, he was preaching on Phillipians 1, and was very direct about it, but people loved it, it was increcible! As importantly people were still in the room nearly two hours after the meeting finished, talking to church reps and Cell leaders, and then many more stayed on in Mojos till the dark hours.
Of course, this is all an amazing testament to the power and grwce of Lord Jesus Christ, who had perfected our faith, and done all things for His good this week. This is only the start. The start of something huge. The hearts of the freshers i spoke to yesterday are incredible. They're ready for action, ready for the journey the Lord will take them on in the next three years. Please keep them and us in your prayers. I really feel this is the start of something big at RUCU, the start of a real revival at Uni. I think we are Standing on the edge of summer. PRAISE THE LORD!


Kath said...

pretty cool man! like it, God does seem to be up to lots this autumn!

Welshie said...

Praise the Lord indeed! it's amazing, mate! i'm with you, the five freshers who came to my cell on monday blew me away. and why are we surprised? It's been our prayer - God's answered it! He's amazing. and He's the God of the whole world, not just Reading, as i witnessed while i was out in Barcelona at the same time as freshers week and He was doing amazing stuff there too. i got goosebumps reading your post - just the realisation and reminder of God's grace. what a mighty, loving, powerful, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, glorious God we serve. Praise Him indeed!!! :-)