Tuesday, September 13, 2005


One of my favourite bands, Million Dead, announced they were splitting up today. I am gutted. I'm not sure how much of a surpise it is. It's always going to be hard for small, non commercial bands on small, non commercial labels, and it seems from their press statement that they've might have fallen out, but nevertheless. Is this the way that music's going now? Bands with real passion and integrity get driven apart by those that are happy to sell themselves? So, by a stroke of good fortune more than anything else, i have a ticket to their penultimate ever show in London next week. It'll be the first time i see them live, having been too lazy to make it to Buck and Skit (i'm such a retard!). Goodness knows what it'll be like there, let alone Southampton the night after. I know from experience how much bands like this means to kids. Bands who somehow manage to communicate what people are thinking without saying it. I know that what songs like 'Smiling at strangers on trains' and 'After the rush hour' do for me. I know they were a band that helped me out a lot when i first got into them at the start of 04...Man, next weeks going to be weird.
Still, at least, as Frank says, they'll leave a good looking corpse!
Here's some of their videos and alike. Get to know them while you can!

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