Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The desire of the righteous ends only in good
the expectation of the wicked in wrath
One gives freely yet grows all the richer
another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want
Whoever brings blessing will be enriched
and one who waters will himself be watered
The people curse him who holds back grain
but a blessing is on the head of him who sells it
Whoever diligently seeks good seeks favour
but evil comes to him who searches for it.

Loving these verses, from the middle of Proverbs 11, right now. I read them yesterday along with Luke 12:22-34. Just excellent stuff, and very encouraging. Look at it. If we give of ourselves, we will recieve. We don't need to worry about how we will provide for ourselves, whether we'll have all that we need, if we'll get tired. The Lord will do all that.
And again, the desire of the righteous ends only in good. No, of course, none of us are righteous alone, not even one, but thanks to the glorious mystery of the cross, we are counted righteous with the Lord (if we believe), and, according to this, our desires can only end in good. Now, we need to be a it careful here. Desires is obviously not talking about the desires of our flesh, which, in a lot of cases are an abuse of ourselves and God, but the desires of our heart after God. The desire to spread His word, to be loving and compassionate as He was. These will only end in good. They can only end in good. Praise the Lord!
And look at the next two verses. Give freely, it says. Give with joy in the knowledge that those who give will become all the richer, and those who do not, will not. In his second letter to Timothy, Paul describes himself as being poured out like a drink offering. I know that in the context of his circumstances this doesn't neccesarily sound like a good thing. And yet he knows because of this, he can look forward to his crown of righteousness.
The more we give, the more we 'water' the more we will be blessed. The more we expose our lives to the Lord, and His service, the more of our lives He will bless. Those who bless will be enriched! By Jesus! Is there anything better!?
The last verse seems coupled with the first to me. Those who seek good seek favour, those who do not, will fall into evil. There is no arguing with this one. You will find what you seek in your heart, be it good or evil.
So lets have a joy in our hearts as we serve, as we give. Lets give more knowing that we will grow all the richer, lets water more, so we are watered mores, lets bring more blessing, so that we will be enriched. What an excellent word enriched is! To be enriched by Jesus! Wow.
Lets give our own desires up. Lets seek the Lord first, and serve Him with a joy in our hearts at what our reward will be...

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