Monday, September 19, 2005

Early sunsets over Monroeville

Moved back into my house in Reading on thursday. Its far nicer than my old gaffe on Addington Road, we've got a living room and everything! Thursday evening i headed down to Drew and Zoe's place for dinner, Danutia was there, and we ended up staying together till one, in their house and mine, worshipping the Lord, and praying for our non Christian housemates. It was cool to be back in Reading, to be back with some of my closest friends. I'm glad i'm here a bit early. Campus and the library are nicer when their empty! And its cool to be abel to settle in again and get my bearings beofre the madness of Freshers week decends on us. I am very excited about it all though. I think the fun's going to start on wednesday wehn me and Jess go to 'buy paper', in preparation for two days of photocopying. Now, you perhaps wouldn't expect me to be that excited about that, but i really am! I'm looking forward all the entailments of freshers week, including spending hourse arguing with a tempremental photocopying machine... Why? Because i'm doing it for the Lord, and thats all that matters, thats all i want!
God's really been speaking to me about freshers week since yesterday morning. How much to i really trust the Creator, how much do i fear and honour Him with all i have? Sean Green preached at Fam yesterday on the might of our creator, and His ability to do anything. This was then rammed home to me by the Missions chapter of 'Desiring God' by John Piper. He really majored on 'with God, all things are possible'. Quite. Something i really need to remember.
There are roughly 3000 freshers turning up next week, most of them need the gospel more than they can possibly imagine. Three thousand. So why do i think i'll be happy with 30-50 freshers coming to CU? Jesus didn't die for 1% of people to be saved, He died for all of them! So, i shall now be praying for 3000 new guys at RUCU. And why not? God can, lets remember that!

Attempt great things for God,
Expect great things from God.

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