Sunday, October 12, 2008


1) I loved...loved meeting at church every night this week. It was just wonderful to be there, using the building for what it was built for monday thru wednesday, and then at Five Points on Thursday and friday. I can't remember the last day i didn't go to the building either for work or worship, but that's a really good thing.

2) Special music is when a person or group sing during the offering. I really like it, as long as i'm worshipping rather than just listening. On thursday night two older ladies stood up to play and sing (and i mean older...they may have been around when the dead sea had chest pains) a country gospel song on a tinny piano was too cool for words. I hope i'm singing about the cross when i'm that old

3) Pirate Facebook. I just watched a Bewitched Portrait of Carson, Piper and Keller.

4) The aforementioned Bewitched Portrait

5) Arranging to have lunch with a junior high guy on wednesday. 'I'm gunna bust in there and teach the Bible'. Galatians 1 here we come.

6) 'You Can Change' by Tim Chester. I can not fathom the cover for the life of me, but you must read that book.

7) 'i believe i'd cheer for Russia before i cheered for Notre Dame.'
'well i'd cheer for France before i cheered for UNC'

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dave bish said...

The Chester book rocks.
And Galatians, say no more! :)