Thursday, October 16, 2008

The law of the Lord

In a few short verses the law of the Lord, the Word of the Lord is described as:

Wise making
Joy enabling

More to be desired that gold, even much fine gold. It's the last one that challenges me and gives me hope. More to be desired that gold. The truth of the words of the Bible in my bag right now is worth more than everything i can see around me, or everything i could ever buy. These words challenge my heart, clean my spirit, open my eyes and feed my soul. And David here talks (probably) of just the first five books. He would have had nothing like the revelation of Christ that we have today. I need not just to view Matthew and Romans and Galatians as perfect, reviving and joy producing, but Leviticus and Numbers as well. And I should want them more.

I can't just read the Bible to tick a box, i need to seek out Christ in every page. I can't just read it for information, i need to have my eyes opened to the light within the pages. I can't just read with my eyes open, but pray that the Holy Spirit would open my heart as i read... 

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