Friday, October 10, 2008

A delayed update

Well that was some week.

October is turning out to be some month.

The reason i've not blogged for nearly a week is that i've simply not had time to. Sunday was Homecoming, one large morning service followed by lunch in the fellowship hall, and the next three days we had our Fall Revival, which basically meant we met for church three nights a week instead of one. It was a really cool time. I quite like having church every night. Anyway, it did all mean that i left home before eight each morning, and by the time i got back at about ten pm it was all i could do to get into bed and fall asleep. But there's something satisfying about going to bed when you've been working long days. This week was also when we started in earnest the application process to be sent to Bulgaria. Denominational life is new to be, and can be very frustrating, but overall, i like it!

Tonight and last night i went with Rachel's dad to Five Points Church, where he is preaching their revival. This is probably the coolest located church i've ever been to. It's about fifteen minutes in any direction from the nearest town but two or three times a week about seventy people gather for worship and instruction. It's neat.

Alongside all this October sees our operation Christmas child kick off, as we endeavour to send 140 shoe boxes of Christmas gifts to children in Bulgaria, operation saturation, a saturday morning door knocking scheme aimed at reaching 1500 houses in October, the Carolina crisis pregnancy dinner, the Family Missions Day to Suffolk, Virginia and various fund raisers for our teens mission trip to France over easter, these are busy busy days in rural North Carolina.

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