Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Brady duo

Matt Brady is an English, former professional football player. he signed for Wycombe Wanderers from Boreham Wood at the start of the 99/2000 season and left at the end of the 00/01 season. He scored three goals for us, one at home, and away at Preston North End and Wrexham. He signed for Crawley Town when he left Wycombe, then went to Windsor and Eton before moving to Scotland for his job, where he played semi pro football. I liked him. He had a nice beard and a useful right foot.*

Tom Brady is an American, American Football player, who plays Quarter Back for the New England Patriots. Last season as the Pats went unbeaten all the way to the SuperBowl, where they lost to the New York Giants, he threw a record number of touchdown passes. He was drafted from Michigan Wolverines in 2000, and was sportsman of the year in 2004 and 2007. He's won the SuperBowl three times, and is currently out with a knee injury. 

They are definitely different people.

Last night, when i was preaching on Titus 2:11 (yummy) i tried to use an American football analogy when talking about the ambition of sin. I wanted to point out that small sins want to be bigger sins, just like every third string quarter back wants to be a better, more successful quarter back.

I meant Tom Brady.

I said Matt Brady.

I felt very stupid when someone pointed this out to me this morning!

* i didn't have to look any of this up!


Paul said...

But you did have to look the Tom Brady stuff up?

All I know of Tom Brady I know from Family Guy, and him getting sacked lots in last year's superbowl.

I feel for you. At least you're spreading Matt brady's fame. I think Graham Daniels might be more famous.

FloydTheBarber said...

Yeh some of it...he's not had a fun ride since getting to last years superbowl...

Remember playing football with Graham? What a top bloke.