Monday, June 25, 2007

Terry and Adrian

Adrian Warnock is interviewing Terry Virgo, leader of newfrontiers. Let me say first off, that i love newfrontiers, i love the balance of Word and Spirit, i love their passion for local church, i love what i've experienced of their Gospel partnership with UCCF, i love the people who are in the churches that i know.

For all that i love about newfrontiers, we're not perfect ( as much as anything in a couple of months i'll be working for them!), and possibly the only thing that concerns me about newfrontiers is their lack of 'statement of faith' type confessionality. I love how relational they are, but the Gospel is worth intentionally protecting and proclaiming...thats why i love documents like UCCF's doctrinal basis, it displays and protects and holds us accountable to the Gospel. Adrian has mentioned here (on the comments) that there is more to come on this. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the interview...

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