Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Gospel chain

There are many reasons i am encouraged by this photo, of, right to left, me and Annie (RUCU Chairman/Woman 2005), Tom and Kat (RUCU Chairman/Woman 2006) and Matt and Katie (RUCU Chairman/Woman 2007).

These are five of the most wise and gracious brothers and sisters i know. It's been is great to serve them, whether from the front or not. I consider it a real priviledge to be part of the 'chain of chairs' at RUCU.

I'm encouraged by it because of what it teaches me about the Gospel. That God continues to work though His Word even when i'm not around to see it. I love how Tom and Kat and Matt and Katie have picked up the baton in Reading, stayed faithful to the Gospel, and have kept RUCU going from strength to strength (with a little help of course!). I love that i got to be part of it, and that people have been gracious enough to have me back around since i left Reading.

But right now, as i come to the end of Relay, it encourages me because it reminds me that i'm not the be all and end all. That after me will come someone else who loves the Gospel and will do a better job, then again, then again. One of the many things i've learnt on Relay this year is the security and the joy of knowing that God is there, and that He is bigger, more powerful and more important than i am. And that He is faithful. This photo reminds me of that, and it makes me glad.

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