Saturday, June 30, 2007

Driscoll on the Gospel accounts

I'm headed to Malta tomorrow with my family (and probably Mark Driscoll, Jonathan Edwards and the T4G guys), i thought i'd leave this quote about the Gospel from Driscoll's 'The Radical Reformission' which i've just started reading:

'the way the Gospels have been arranged in our Bibles provides the perfect example of how the same story can be told in different ways. Some critics of scripture have argued that the differences between the Gospels are contradictions. Nothing could be further from the truth. The four Gospels are simply similar to your local nightly news. The first three Gospels are like local network television affiliates for ABC, NBC and CBS, which generally report the same stories with some variation in eyewitness account and details. This explains why roughly 60% of the first three Gospels give the same information. John, on the other hand is more like one of the national cable newcasts, such as CNN, which have news storiees rarely found on the local news, this explains why roughly 90% of John is unique to his account.'

Now, i know thats hardly groundbreaking truth, but i still think it's very helpful to think about. If you were making up a story, wouldn't you make sure all four accounts were in total agreement?

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