Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Oxford Memorial

Yesterday i went to Oxford, and saw the Matyr's memorial there. This impressive stone structure more or less in the middle of the city commemeorates the lives of Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, who were burned alive for the Gospel in 1555 and 1556. Paul wrote a series on them recently which is well worth reading. But i've just got a couple of reflections on visiting.

  • Just over four hundred years ago people IN THIS COUNTRY were being burnt for the Gospel. I'm somewhere between hardly being able to believe this and wondering how far we are from it happening again.
  • The actual place where it happened is marked with an X in the road, just round the corner from the memorial. What a glorious witness this was to the all surpassing worth of Christ.
  • I was really slightly overcome when i read the inscription on the plaque. It felt like something of a pilgrimige which is obviously deeply ironic given what these men died for. It made me sad that kids were able to clamber all over it, but glad that anyone could wonder up and read the inscription.
  • Where are the men like these from my generation whom God will raise up to give up everything, even thier lives, for the Gospel?

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