Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Mark Dever, on the 9 Marks blog asks, 'where did all these Calvinists come from?

If Spurgeon was the underground aquifer bringing down the nutrients of earlier generations to those after him, then it was this generation of preachers--many of them anti-Calvinists--who, ironically, were the aquifers who brought us all Spurgeon. And friends, if you keep being told to buy Spurgeon, eventually you'll probably read Spurgeon. And if you read Spurgeon, you'll never be able to believe the charge that all Calvinists are Hyper-Calvinists, and that Calvinists can't do missions and evangelism.

Adrian Warnock continues with Terry Virgo:

Some people say now we have Epistles we don't need apostles. Although we firmly embrace the authority of the Scriptures, we believe that a local church is built on people and on relationships. We need not only pastors and teachers, but also properly functioning apostles, prophets and evangelists, all rooted in local churches and serving translocally.

Tech Monkey wants us to read about Edwards:

I relearned a truth from the life of Jonathan Edwards. That the Christian life is one of emotion, of joy, of getting to know God better each day. It is neither a life of dead formalism or excessive emotionalism that removes the focus from God and to the personal, subjective, experience.

And, about the same time that i had finally given up on her and deleted her from my blogroll, Anna Hopkins was writing this:

Firstly, let me state that a CU is NOT a church, it is a mission team. Churches can’t get onto campus, so the only way to spread the Gospel there is through the students who already attend the university. Christian unions are not a church, in fact it is crucial that all the Christians who attend the CU meetings are firmly rooted in a local church, where they receive sound biblical teaching and can grow in their faith.

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