Sunday, June 03, 2007

my kingdom for a horse

punk rock saved my life
I spoke to a JW in Princes Risboro' yesterday. And he pretty much explained the gospel to me perfectly, even making the glory and enjoyment of God the end and centre of it, rather than me. Which got me to thinking how important it is to get to the bottom of what people say and think. It was only when we talked about what we meant by 'Son of God' that we got to disagreeing. He said that talking to me was 'encouraging' which is pretty much the opposite of what i was after for once. But it did at least make me think about how important it is to find out what people mean when they use words, and to make sure we know what we mean, and other people know what we mean when we explain the Gospel.

teenage angst has paid off well
Nearly a week after the end of my 365 i can happily report that it has had a positive affect on me. nearly every day this week i've seen something or been somewhere and thought 'that could be today's 365'. which is nice. To have a mind trained to look out for the good, the pleasant, the cool in life is definately a good thing. So whether its been flowers in the field, or fit lunches, or good chats, or plans that involve eggs, i'm glad that the little owl project is continuing mentally, f not actually.

the grande finale
I'm back off to Quinta tomorrow for Relay 3. Time has gone very quickly since the last time i was there for Relay 1 and Forum. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and hearing stories of God's work and grace in everyone else. see you next week!

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