Friday, March 23, 2007

some things i stole.

i have never, to my knowledge, had a decent original thought. as such, here are some things from the April edition of 'Evangelicals Now'

'this legislation is unprecedented in its complete intolerance of those who have religious beliefs. The Government did not put forward a single piece of evidence to justify the need for the regulations, has ignored the 72% of the public who opposed it's approach to the law, and has ignored the majority of the 3000 responses to its' consultation. Despite this weak basis to the law, the government is prepared to take the legal landmark of making it illegal for Christians to hold the clear teaching that God loves everyone and wants all people to know Him, but also that extra marital sexual conduct (whether homosexual or heterosexual) is wrong.
To think that the Government would prefer to shut down the widespread and compassionate services provided by Christian adoption agencies, drug rehabiliation, homeless shelters and community centres rather than accept that Christians should not be forced to promote homosexual practices is astounding
- Thomas Cordrey P1+2

Oh dear Mr Blair. 10 years and three landslides later is this the best you can do? Along with denying the livlihoods of thousands who relied on the fox hunting industries and taking us into a long and bloody war, you're responsible for this unenforcible shambles as well, meanwhile the NHS staggers from disaster to disaster, inner city schools continue to fail, and kids kill each other on the streets of London. What a waste eh? What a waste.

We need a healthy balance between the academic and the practical. There is no dichotomy between the two. We make no apology for the fact that more PHDs in theology are supervised here than anywhere else in the UK. Anyone who imagines that academic research is a distraction or irrelevant simply doesn't understand the threat that postmodernist deconstruction of the Bible now poses. The recent attack on the doctrine of penal substitution is just the beginning. Not since the Reformation has there been such a need for faithful Pastors who are theological prepared and alert. At the same time, we are determined to prepare men who will not be taken by surprise by all the practical demands of pastoral ministry. What we really need is a return to the pre 19th century pastor theologian model- think of Edwards, Luther and Calvin, where theology is both the queen of the sciences and the servant of the churches.
- Jonathan Steven, Principal of Wales Evangelical School of Theology, P14

I remember when Jonathan was pastor of Carey Baptist Church in Reading came to talk on justification at CU, he pretty much blew me away. I'd like to give a hearty amen to what he says here, (not that it needs it!) and add pastor-theologian to the list of things i want to be when i grow up!

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