Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mission week

Please pray for:
the CU here to get more involved in whats happening. This has started to happen today but so much of the organisation has been down to a core of a few people.

Pray that those people would be stregnthened by the Gospel, and would keep inviting their friends.

Pray that people would come to the international night tonight, and that many of the 100 or so people we saw at lunchtime would come back.

pray that people would be saved.

Praise God for the many many people that came at lunch time today, and for the help with the logistcal crisis this started. Praise God for the many conversations that were had thereafter.

Praise God for Micheal Otts and the work he's doing here, both as speaker and CU encourager.

Praise God for the amazing sunshine, flyering in a t-shirt in the garden of England certainly makes a difference from flyering in the snow at Reading last year.

Praise God that His Gospel is true and is going out across campus!

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