Sunday, March 25, 2007

jules remit still gleaming

Went to Wembley stadium on saturday for the first official match since it ws rebuilt. It's amazing, even with capacity limited to 60,000 it was still incredible. It's going to be the best ground in the world when it's full. I can remember watching the last game at the old Wembley back in October 2000 in a pub in be at the first game at the new stadium was pretty overwhelming. The scale and the magnificent nature of the ground are well worth the wait in my opinion. And a big up to Chiltern Rail for managing the get away so well as well. I was on a train within twenty minutes of the end of the game, which was pretty impressive. But the new Wembley is amazing, possibly even if you're not a complete football ground geek like i am. Get there.

On the way home we took in Harrow Boro' against Horsham at Earlsmead. Another ground i hadn't been to before.

It was slighty less glamourous.


thebluefish said...

My gran lives right next to the latter stadium, and we were there (her house not the ground) yesterday...

Little Mo said...

Ed, this post is disappointing. I was expecting a typical Goode finish - something like, "as impressive as Wembley is, Jesus/heaven/grace is more impressive" or "the transport service to glory is even more efficient" or something.