Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sibbes on the church

When the ordinances of God are set up in glory and there is glorious obediance to them in the church, it is terrifying to the enemy as an army with banners; for there is lustre and glory in all that is God's, both in the believers themselves and likewise in the ordinances of God
Glorious Freedom, Richard Sibbes

Oh man, how good would The Church be if it loved and trusted in God's Word and commands. If it pumped out the Gospel week in week out. If it had more men who really believed in the importance of preaching and leading and were prepared to leave aside comfort and financial security to devote themselves to preaching the Word. More men who believed that what is unseen is more important that what is seen.

I thank God that there are so many churches like this around already, that love and teach and contend for the Gospel. But couldn't it be so much better? My parents' village has neither shop nor post office...but it has a church. Imagine if all the Anglican churches all over the country, all the non conformist churches all over the country looked like an army with banners. If they were obedient to the word and set themselves to seek the glory that was in it. If Pastors all over the country spent their lives calling us back to orthodox, Biblical Christianity. That would be pretty cool.

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