Friday, March 02, 2007

little miss sunshine

I'm away at the south east new leaders training weekend until sunday. Please pray for all the staff and relays who are involved in speaking/helping out. And for our speaker Mike Reeves.
Meanwhile, here are some things to do this weekend:

Read this, and be thankful that Jesus wasn't a weak man who wore a pink dress.
Listen to this, and enjoy some good food from a height
watch these, and pray that you God would keep you from dying on a golfcourse in Florida.

and maybe look forward to some exciting (well, for me anyway) things happening here next week!


hatchris said...

I sort of know a Mike Reeves. I don't suppose it is the same one!?
Where is he from?

Robin Ham said...

I imagine the weekend was awesome Ed! Looking forward to hearing the mp3s. I'm seriously loving those DWYL vodcasts, or whatever you call them.