Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm back online after a weird few days when my laptop threw a bit of a wobbly at me for trying to do too many things at once/never actually updating any virus protection or using the mosr up to date software. But thanks to the nice men at John Lewis, and a day on the M25, its all better now. And i've got new windows live messanger, and new firefox and all sorts of exciting things. I have the lost the majority of my work from the last two years and all my pictures, which is very sad! But not the end of the world. Although i've just discovered i've lost iTunes! :sob:

On a more positive note, RUCU houseparty was really really good. Great teaching and fellowship and fort building, and people seemed to be helped by my seminar, which was nice. I was going to put that up here, but's lost forever in the ether (except my hard copy). God is teaching me loads about His soveriegnty, and His glory and how important those things are, and how important He is and how all sufficient and all encompassing the work of Jesus is. So thats good. Also, i've got something very exciting to write about soon, it's just a matter of getting it out of my head into my fingers! But i like it being in my head, so its all good.

Anyway, i need to go and watch Rico Tice walk through a dimly lit room of photos and tell us what grace is. How good is my job?


NaomiBeth said...

Rico Tice does like walking through that room doesn't he! It is a wonder that he can see where he is going!

Anonymous said...