Tuesday, November 28, 2006


  • In India there are 4.635 distinct people groups.
  • There are 205 people groups that number over 10,000 people that are still totally unreached
  • In the North India Ganges plan reside the greatest mass of unreached people in the world. 360,000,000 people, with only 120,000 active Christians among them.
  • 26% of the urban population live in slums. There are 41,000,000 Indians without a home.
  • The Brahmin cast number around 40,000,000, with as few as 18,000 professing Christians among them.
Doesn't it make you ache?
Also, i like it when i am thinking something and someone else blogs it for me instead. Go read, i could not agree more.


Anonymous said...

It aches me hugely...

So...what are we going to do about it?

hatchris said...

Interesting link:

"Without more women priests, pulpits across the country will be depopulated in increasing numbers. Surely you don't want that, Mr. Rock Badger sir?
Quite. I want those pulpits to be filled with true Bible teachers who 'refuse to practice cunning or tamper with God's word' (2 Cor 4:2)."

This displays to me the true attitude of most people who object to women in ministry - somehow, women are more likely to tamper with the Bible, and be all liberal, and take the church into all kinds of heresy, and so on. I find that unbeliebaly sexist / arrogant.
On the larger the church, the more likely a man - could this not be down to the also stated fact that most women are non stipendary, and also, that established experienced priests who would be suitable for large churches are more likely to be men, by virtue of womens ordination only being accepted for a little way over a decade.

The holistic, whole bible case for refusing the ordination of women is very, very weak - especially when we carefully consider historical and situational context. You can't just use one verse, as this guy does, to deny women any leadership or preaching ministry.

Anyway....thats enough, and I realise these aren't your comments I'm asking you to defend! Hope relay goes most epicly.
Will try to remember to blog some thoughts on the women issue on hatmitre.blogspot.com, where myself and Sally B occasionaly post some non significant ramblings :-)

FloydTheBarber said...

hey Chris.
Relay is most epic thank you! also most tiring!
You and sal should update HatMitre more, i always enjoy reading it, and it always makes me think!
Without putting words into Rock Badger's mouth, i think he meant that simply by having women preaching you are already 'tampering with God's word'. Thats how i took it.
Re: historical context, i find it interesting that Paul roots what he says about women in church in 1 Timothy 2 back to Adam and Eve. That is certainly historical but not really very contextual. The events documented in Genesis 3 are as true now as they were then.

Paul said...

Wow... I'm being quoted on someone else's blog. Must have hit the big time.

There are many, many women in the UK church far more qualified, humanly speaking to preach and lead God's people than most male pastors and lay people. However, because they recognise the authority of 1 Timothy 2:12 (as we all should), they don't seek or practice leadership in the church.

Chris, you can use one verse to prove something with the Bible, provided you understand its meaning correctly. The Bible only has to say something once for it to be authoritative. However, the case for Biblical Complementarianism (men and women having different roles) is so rich and wide it doesn't depend on a single verse.

Anyway, enough comments hijacking; I've subscribed to your blog so if you do get round to posting your thoughts I'll interact with you there.