Monday, November 27, 2006

The Ashes according to Facebook

Day 1: 346-3.
The aussies can shut up - it's the flattest pitch anyone's ever seen, and they let Giles get away with an economy of under 3 and even let him get a wicket.

Day 2: Australia 602-9dec, England 53-3
I hate them all, every last one.

Day 3: You don't want to know

Day 4: Positives - Ponting injured
Collingwood and Pietersen restore pride
Negatives - we're still gonna get tonked

Day 5: Unsurprising, but remember we were 1-0 down last time, and in 1954, we recovered from an innings defeat in the first test, with fast-bowler Tyson spraying it everywhere, to win 4-1. anyone else got any straws they want to throw into the mixer?

stolen mostly from the 'Ashes 2006/07' Facebook group.

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