Friday, November 10, 2006

Glory Days

I've said it once and i'll say it, i do like Team Days. These last ones were made even better by the fact that they were joint 'days' with the South West Team, which gave us a great oppotunity to catch up with the Relays down there that we hadn't seen since Forum, as well as meet all the (not quite as cool as south-east) staff. Was good times.

It started on wednesday with something of an epic trip down to Exeter (it took us an hour to clear Reading), and then Marcus Honeysett, took us through three sessions on how to respond, interact and defend our faith in a post modern society (those weren't the actual titles, thats just what i picked up from it!). It was very cool, and great to be taken through such a relevant topic by someone who so clearly and passionately knows his stuff. I'll post some thoughts on here soonish if i ever get the time...unlikely then!

Then thursday was all about praying for ourselves, our CU's, praising God for what He's doing all over the south. Particular high lights for me was hearing of the potential starting of four new CUs in Cornwall, and the success of Exeter's Mission week. Great times. Then...we all went to the beach together which was amazing, and very needed! It's a shame me Bish and Carolina don't have a 'beach patch', but i guess it helps us to appreciate days like yesterday all the more...Also, if you were on the end of a very smug text from me on thursday afternoon you'll be pleased to hear my phone died soon after. I'm currently using my sisters 4 year old nokia. *retro*. Then we watched 'The Game' which was an good film...could have had a better ending mind.

Friday started with Team times, which essentially meant the SE people all got together round a table and spent half an hour sorting our our diaries and persuading Kath to let me, Jess and Carolina do our elective responses together (we're only thinking of you dude)...then Gareth took us through 1 Corinthians 1:1-7, reminding us of how our ministry and our indentity must be rooted in Christ...nothing else will do. Then we ended with an extended time of prayer for our Regions.

If you're thinking about doing Relay next year, you really got to have an amazing reason no to do it. Even if just for times like these where the fellowship, support, prayer, praise and understanding was just off the map.

Just 365 style things since this is going to be a crossover post;

'we've waited too long for a staffworker in Cantab to lose him in the first term'
Gareth watching as Olly waded a stream and then made as if to climb a sheer rock face.

'i'll tell you what i've told all my other some. shoes'
Bish upon seeing the hole in my red high tops.

'it's such an honour to meet Dave Bish from The Blue Fish Project'
Jim got very excited (not for the first time) meeting Bish.

'the thing that worries me most about the SW team is their low view of Neighbours'
Me on the differences between the two teams...

Also, it was just amazing to be away with every one for a while, a chance to wallow in the glory of the Gospel, and charge up for the next three weeks, which between housepartys, conferances, court appearances, prep, supervisions, birthday partys and study responses promise to be manic.


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precious memories.