Monday, August 21, 2006

Spurgeon says

We don't need to change the gospel for postmodernity. (HT: Bish)

How right he is. How absurd it is that this Gospel, which has been saving by grace through faith since Abraham is so often subject to passing fads and trends. Why, why do we, do i so often water it down, miss bits out and try and make it sensitive to the ears of those listening. I know that for me, i was saved shortly after (like, minutes) i understood the Gospel properly for the first time. I love the Gospel. I love how poweful it is, that it's the wisdom of God, that justification by faith is effective for so many to be saved. No one will be saves apart from hearing the Gospel, we need to stick to it, live for it, die for it.


Welshie said...

preach it bro

Timmy C said...

amen to that Ed :) kick it to the curb, straight from the book!

Paul said...

What about Enoch? Saved by grace?

Just being silly. A big long American "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen"

Cat said...

I totally agree!! It pains me to see people take the Gospel and use it as if it has no relevance, they make a puppet show of it and try to fit it in their lives and when they find that it doesn't fit they disgard it! Arrgg!!

When Christians start to remove the Gospel in their lives and in their church, they will find themselves with no foundation to stand on and no root in Jesus Christ! How much the Holy Spirit greaves over this and how much we, as Christians should fight for the Gospel, Jesus Christ to be our centre! What Glorious rich's there are about our loving gracious God!! YES!!!!!

FloydTheBarber said...


You know Cat, i get the feeling we're going to get on pretty well!

hatchris said...

Nope. Don't need to adopt it one jot! So why was it adapted for modernity, and why is modernity something the church still clings to?

thebluefish said...

was it?
does it?

not so sure... when i look at Jonathan Edwards he certainly responded to and critiqued modernism (he didn't change the gospel to fit it)... and we must do the same in our age (to post modernism) - we shouldn't bend to it but stay true to scripture instead and swim against the tide like the church has done for 2000 years.

Josh Moody explores this in his new book The God Centred Life

hatchris said...

I meant in that what people mean when they say 'the Gospel' has in some cases been reduced to a set of rational propositional statements that can only be true or false. But perhaps I don't know exactly what modernism and post-modernism are! Ijust know vaguely. But then, most Christians probably don't know much about post-modernism at all. It certaintly isn't some new big bad guy out to destroy Christianity, in some senses it can be regarded as an opportunity. Just thought I'd throw it out there :-)