Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From the old etc etc

I've started watching old Neighbours on UK Gold. It's from four years ago, just before Michelle goes on a school trip to the USA (which, four years on she is yet to return from despite: her parents divorce, her older sisters wedding, her older brothers breakdown and the birth of her younger brother, you got to love neighbours sometimes), just after susan gets her memory back and drew died and just after max had turned up. It's all a bit weird, but very nice in some ways. It is, of course, a big fat waste of time.

Tonight is my last Cell at Reading Family Church. I've only been going to cell for about eight months, but its been great. It's so cool to be in an arena where there are so many wise people, so many different people, so many older people. It's great to gather round God's word, i've really really valued and grown from it. It's been cool to see a church work so so well with a CU, and to have been part of it. To be a member of a church which really values and loves it's students and in the same breath supports the CU at Reading Uni.

I lot of what i've been thinking about recently has been this old to new stuff. It's kind of funny. One part of me, quite a large part of me can't really bare the thought of leaving my church for a year. And the rest of me is really exicited about doing so. It'll be cool to go back there, and see how it's grown, see how it's changed, see the new office. It'll be cool to get involved in another church, and see how God want's me to serve there. Strange thing transition.

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thebluefish said...

thankfully the world isn't neighbours so you do have a better chance of returning after the forthcoming absence... though I guess we'll see what He says.