Monday, August 14, 2006

Ten scene points the winner

I think God is awesome.
Every other kind of judge criminals run away from. They do all they can to hide their guilt, to not be confronted with their judge going to any lengths to avoid him.
Jesus is more just than any judge we can imagine. More just than in our wildest dreams as i recently told an unbelieving friend. He is more personally affronted and offended by our sin and guilt than we can ever imagine. And yet is running away from Him a good idea. Not at all. The safest place in the universe is the closest we can get to God. He asks, nay, commands us to seek refuge and solace in Him, to hide in Him, to confess all to Him, to admit defeat and ask forgiveness. The safest place in the universe is with and in the One who could destroy us by His very presence. And yet in Him nothing in the universe is to be feared. Thats how amazing divine love and grace is.

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