Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Naomi was at cell tonight for the first time (it was my last RFC cell for the time being). She met Danutia at church in Edinburgh and mentioned she was moving to Reading, and Nu, like a good Fammer, mentioned how cool Reading Family Church is...and here she was.

Anyway, during the sung worship bit of cell she had a picture for me, which i think is pretty significant (not that when God speaks, it's ever anything but) and i want to record it so i don't forget it. So essentially from here on it this post is all for me, but...well, it is my blog!

'there's a roundabout, with lanes leading up to, and you need to be in the right lane to get to where you want to go. And you need to decide which lane you need to get in. You can always be in the wrong lane and change later to get to where you're going, but it gets very messy. So get in the right lane'

Lots to think about...

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