Sunday, May 21, 2006


You know, sometimes, i just want to listen to The Smiths, and i figure thats ok...'cos The Smiths are really good.

We had Front Edge weekend as part of the New Frontiers family of churches this weekend. This involved a day of training in Catford on saturday, which i didn't go to, and then today, Mark Landreth-Smith off of Camberly came to Reading and spoke on Jesus the gate, which was very good, and Scott went to Chelmsford and saw people healed and saved...YESSS! There were 222 people saved today across the New Frontiers South East network...thats very cool.

Today also saw the baptism of four students at Fam, hence the rather confused title of this post. Tim, Nicola, Anna and Hannah. Now, i love baptisms, and i love students, so it was a pretty good day for me really...especially as i got to baptise them! Man, it was amazing...i still can't really believe it. I'm pleases that i've just read the first 5 chapters of Romans s l o w l y in my personal study, with Paul talking about the Jews needing to have no confidence in their religious standing and heritage. I love my church, and i loved baptising people, and praying for people at the end, and i know that i am a tool in the hands of the Almighty, and this week has taught me more about grace in action than most other weeks ever! And thats good. I don't really know what i'm trying to say...i want my confidence to be in Jesus, and Him crucified, not in one doing stuff at church...but i love the doing.

But these four are great, and have blessed me loads and loads...whether its by going out with one of my best friends, and looking after her, or their mind bending testimonues they've shared on CEx, or by just being really real and really passionate for Jesus at cell, i've been blessed to know them, and i thank God for them, and what He's doing in their lives.

AND Becki off of CEx got saved...woo!

I apologise for the confused nature of this!


the Finnie's said...

Found your Blog by clicking 'Next Blog'.

Only had a cursory read, will come back later and have a proper read.

How was Front Edge? Was Lex as good as he normally is?

God Bless


Welshie said...

Mate don't apologise, I loved reading that, nearly cried!

It's all about God, SO desperate for it to be all about Him and not about me. He's moving and doing so much (as if that's a surprise). Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

Nathan said...

Amazing! Praise God!

Timmy C said...

Which Becki? Sherfield Becki? Becky off Ceryn's floor becki??!!

Lou said...

wow! so cool about becki! it was really cool to be there yesterday and hear so many student testimonies. sooo great! : D

Robin said...

Ed - that's what it's all about :) Keep the blog real - that's all a reader could ever ask for. God is so good and so kind!

FloydTheBarber said...

Hello Tim,

No Becki off of Sian and Becki from Mission Week, she lives in'll meet her on thursday :-)

Hello Dean,

Thanks for reading my blog dude. I didn't go to the Front Edge saturday thing in Catford, which is a shame, because i'd have loved to heard Adrian Holloway and Lex, and of course Terry Virgo!

God bless mate,