Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lazy days...

I got it wrong...i thought PURE was all about the gospel of grace and how great Jesus is, but it would seem that its all about 'warding off evil thoughts' ho hum. (HT: Bish)

Didn't make it to London in the end, as Dave had to work, which y'know, is fair enough on a weekday if you're not a student...but a good day nonetheless. It was cool getting up at eleven, and the going back to bed, as my housemate dave said when he got up briefly and then went back to bed...'this is just great'. Then into town, then went to Jess's to cause some general havoc (i would say i'm sorry Kat, but that would be a lie!)...its all good. At the moment we've got a slightly crazy idea to go to Milan with RyanAir...we can't even get to campus, literally a five minute walk, let alone Milan!

CEx was good again last night, y'know, just for a change. Although, since Becki got saved on sunday the dynamic has obviously changed... she was full of questions which is great...great. I think Anna was hit more with the 'my mind can't cope with the nature of the gospel, so its going to shut down' syndrome last night, but i was still pretty close, which is encouraging. I love the gospel.

I'll try and blog something useful/whatever by the end of the week, possibly on the 'Historicity of Adam', mainly bacause A) its important B) I'm just about to read John Stott on it C) Becki was asking last night C) it has implications for imputation D) i really want to!


Kat said...

That's ok Ed... but if I don't do well in this exam I have today I'll just have to blame you! ;)

Masterpiece of self-control I thought though... managing to stay focused on the task in hand while all that commotion was a-happening!! :)

Kat x

Becki said...

I'll look forward to reading about Adam, if you get round to it.

That's if you're not too busy sleeping now that your exams are all over and you don't have to worry about studying, unlike some of us poor first years who still have *really difficult* exams (who am I kidding... 40% isn't really an enormous task)