Monday, May 22, 2006


I love Thames Water. Today, as Reading slipped into its third day of nonstop rain, we got a letter from them saying 'information about the drought'. Note that, not a drought, not in case of drought, but the drought. Eh?

So anyway no more exams! Which is good. Off to London tomorrow to see Dave Thomas, then Karl Kenneday is playing at our union on Friday...thats going to be very cool...! I've got all these plans for what i'll do between now and graduation, mainly, buy books and read them! I might og and buy books exciting!


Timmy C said...

finished for some! ;) last one around the corner, God's just dead awesome tho ain't he?!! :D

We gotta get ex-exec meal/trip on the case!

Welshie said...

well done! next up, Relay. Yeah! Enjoy the start of your summer!